RVXX2005 – Sleeper Bunk Window, Repair – 2020 Volvo VNL Trucks

October 5, 2020 NHTSA CAMPAIGN NUMBER: 20V613000

Sleeper Bunk Window May Detach From the Vehicle


If a window detaches from the vehicle, it may strike another vehicle or pedestrian, increasing the risk of a crash or injury.


NHTSA Campaign Number: 20V613

Manufacturer Volvo Trucks North America

Components STRUCTURE

Potential Number of Units Affected 8,456



Volvo Trucks North America (Volvo Trucks) is recalling certain 2020 VNL vehicles. The window hinge and mounting hardware are insufficient to hold the window in place if the truck is driven with the sleeper bunk windows open.



Volvo Trucks has notified owners, and dealers will replace the window hinge, free of charge. The recall began October 29, 2020. Owners may contact Volvo Trucks customer service at 1-800-458-1552. Volvo Trucks’ number for this recall is RVXX2005.



Owners may also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), or go to www.safercar.gov.



VOLVO Trucks North America




Sleeper Bunk Window, Repair VN



(October 2020)

Volvo Trucks has determined that a defect that relates to motor vehicle safety exists in certain VN model vehicles manufactured from January 14, 2019, through September 30, 2019.

VNL740 models have the two lower side windows to be repaired. VNL760 models have both the lower side windows and upper side windows to be repaired.

The window hinge and mounting hardware are insufficient to hold the window in place if the truck is driven with the sleeper bunk windows open. If the window detaches from the vehicle, it may strike another vehicle or pedestrian increasing the risk of personal injury or a vehicle crash.

Volvo Trucks has received no reports of personal injury as a result of this condition. Therefore, Volvo considers this as a proactive measure to protect the public and Volvo’s customers from the potential risk associated with this defect.



Certain 2020 VNL model vehicles manufactured from January 14, 2019 through September 30, 2019.



10,736 vehicles (8,456 U.S., 2,103 Canada and 177 Mexico)



An Inspection needs to be performed in order to determine if repair is necessary.




Do not attempt to repair or service this vehicle without having sufficient training, the correct service literature and the proper tools. Failure to follow this could make the vehicle unsafe and lead to serious personal injury or death.



The Illustrations shown in this document are used for reference only and may differ slightly from the actual vehicle being serviced. However, the replacement procedure is represented as accurately as possible.



Wear safety glasses during the duration of this repair to protect from possible inadvertent glass breakage


1. Secure the vehicle for service by parking on a flat and level surface.

2. Apply parking brake.

3. Place the transmission in neutral or park.

4. Install the wheel chocks.


5. Disconnect the cable from the battery’s negative (ground) terminal.



1. Remove the bug screens from the window.


2. Safely place a ladder at the exterior of the window.

3. Remove the “E” clip from the window latch.


4. Remove the pin that secures the latch to the glass.


5. Make a window support that can be used for the window inspection / repairs.


6. Inspect the window hinges.


7. If the truck is found with metal hinges, reassemble the window and claim inspection labor code.

8. If the truck is found with plastic hinges, proceed with repair and claim primary labor code.



Item Description Part Number Quantity
1. Window Repair Kit 23625157 1 per 2 windows
2. Special Window Tool 88800779 See note below


* if repairing 4 windows, 2 kits are required.


NOTE: Special tool is required to perform this repair. Each dealership has previously been provided with 2 tools. Additional tools are not covered.


1. Remove the upper hinge screws using the special tool in the kit. Some nut inserts will stay in place when the screw is removed. Nut inserts that try to spin in place can be helped with the rubber pad included in the special tool kit. If a nut insert continues to spin, cut a slot in the head of the nut insert and use a flat head screwdriver to hold in place.


2. Using thin tie strap cutters, cut the glass side of the hinge from the window cab side. With the glass removed, cut the center section of the hinge from the window frame as shown. This will provide the space that is needed to mount the new hinge.


3. Use a putty knife to de-bond the plastic hinge strip from the glass.


Note: Be careful when removing the plastic hinge strip not to scratch the surface.


4. Remove the two nut inserts from the glass.


5. Remove the two insulators from the outside glass.


6. Remove the old glue from the mounting holes.


Note: Be careful removing the old glue from the mounting holes.


7. Install the “E” clip from the kit on one side of each new hinge pin. There should be 4 pins in total.


8. Place the two new metal hinges from the kit on the window frame and install the pins.


9. Install “E” clips onto the hinge pins.


10. Install two plastic nut inserts into the glass mounting holes.


11. Install the glass. Install the nuts and torque (2 Nm +/- 0.1 Nm).


12. Install the two nut caps. Ensure the nut covers are fully seated.


13. Install the latch pin.


14. Install an “E” clip on the latch pin.


15. Do the same repair on the window on the other side.

16. Close the windows and install the bug screens.


17. Install the safety sticker as shown.

18. Reconnect the batteries.

19. Remove the wheel chocks.




This repair is covered by an authorized Safety Recall campaign. Reimbursement is obtained through the normal claim handling process.
Claim Type (used only when uploading from the Dealer Business System) R
  Recall Status
Vehicle repaired per instructions 2 – Modified per instructions
Labor Codes
Primary Labor Code Sleeper Bunk Window, Repair (2 windows)

* When only an inspection is needed, uncheck the VST box on the primary labor code and change the labor time to .1hr per window.

8445-16-09-01 (2.0 hrs)

* 8445-16-09-01 (0.1 hr)

Causal Part 84754304, 84754306,

84754296, 84754298

Authorization Number C6620


Note: Dealers are to perform Safety Recall Campaigns on all subject vehicles at no charge to the vehicle owner regardless of mileage, age of vehicle or ownership (original purchaser or subsequent purchasers). Whenever vehicles are subject to a safety recall are brought to your dealership for service, or taken into your dealership vehicle inventory, it is strongly recommended that every effort be made to perform the recall correction before the vehicle is sold or released to the owner.



Recall Alerts 

To: Dealer Principals

Service Managers

Warranty Managers

Parts Managers


☒U.S. ☒CAN


Bulletin: SRA-V20-05

Date: October 19, 2020

Valid to: N/A

Action Required? ☒Yes ☐No


From: Gerard Hones, Regulatory Specialist Government Reporting

Subject: Safety Recall RVXX2005, Sleeper Bunk Window


In 2019, we issued a safety recall (RVXX1902) to address the potential that the sleeper bunk windows may detach and fall from the vehicle. An initial solution was implemented into production at NRV on a limited number of vehicles that was then replaced by a more robust solution. This more robust solution was used to address vehicles in the 2019 safety recall. This new recall is to install the more robust solution on vehicles that received the initial solution.


Description of Defect:

The window hinge and mounting hardware are insufficient to hold the window in place if the truck is driven with the sleeper bunk windows open. If the window detaches from the vehicle, it may strike another vehicle or pedestrian increasing the risk of personal injury or a vehicle crash.


There are no reports of personal injury or vehicle crash. Volvo considers this a proactive measure to protect the public and Volvo’s customers from the potential risk associated with this defect.


Models/ Model Years Affected: 

Certain 2020 VNL model vehicles manufactured from January 14, 2019 through September 30, 2019


Vehicle Quantities: 

10,736 (8,456 US, 2,103 Canada, 177 Mexico)


Dealer’s Responsibility:

The National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act and Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Act requires dealers to ensure that all new and used vehicles are free of safety defects and comply with all relevant safety standards at the time of delivery to the consumer.

Dealers should make their personnel aware of the safety recall. In the event that a dealer has a vehicle included in the safety recall in their inventory to be sold, the condition must be corrected before releasing it to a customer.


Release Schedule:

  • Vehicle list and repair Instructions are posted on the Trucks Dealer Portal.
  • The recall will be loaded to the affected vehicles in UCHP by October 19, 2020
  • Owner notification letters will be mailed on or before October 30, 2020.

If you have questions or concerns about this recall, contact the Regulatory Affairs Department at vtna.regulatoryaffairs@volvo.com.


Q:  Is this related to the previous recall (RVXX1902) on windows in 2019?   

  • Yes, it is the same issue and the same fix; however, some vehicles in this population may already have the aluminum hinge solution. For these vehicles, repair is not


Q:  Do vehicles addressed in the prior recall (RVXX1902) require further repair?   

  • No


Q:  Will vehicles not addressed in the prior recall (RVXX1902) require this recall?   

  • No
  • Vehicles that have not yet been corrected under the previous recall will still be addressed under the previous recall – RVXX1902.


Q:  What do I need to do with vehicles that are in dealer inventory and affected by the recall?   

  • You should use the repair instructions to inspect and/or repair the vehicles before they are sold.
  • Parts are available and can be ordered through standard processes.


Q:  Are the vehicles safe to operate prior to an inspection/fix? 

  • Yes
  • The vehicles can be operated with the windows closed as stated in the operator’s manual and on the label applied to the windows.


Q:  How/when will you advise owners? 

  • Owners will be notified by first class mail by October 30.
  • We will inform the owners to schedule an appointment with an authorized Volvo Service Provider, who will inspect and/or repair the vehicle free of charge.


Q: What should customers with an affected vehicle do?

  • Customers with affected vehicles should have their vehicle(s) inspected/ repaired by an authorized Volvo Service Center once notified by Volvo.


Q: What is the fix?

  • Inspect the windows for the aluminum hinge and repair as needed. Repair is to install aluminum hinges and new mounting hardware if not already installed.


Q: What is the cause?

  • The window hinge and mounting hardware are insufficient to hold the window in place if the truck is driven with the sleeper bunk windows open.


Q: Why were these vehicles not recalled in the first recall?

  • These vehicles received a production solution that we believed would address the safety issue.
  • After further review, we determined that a more robust solution was required, which was introduced in production and used in the prior recall.
  • This recall is to address those vehicles that do not have the more robust solution (i.e. aluminum hinge and new mounting hardware).


1 Affected Product




9 Associated Documents

Recall Quarterly Report #3, 2021-2

RCLQRT-20V613-6211.PDF 211.348KB



Recall Quarterly Report #1, 2020-4

RCLQRT-20V613-7176.PDF 211.158KB



Owner Notification Letter(Part 577)

RCONL-20V613-3169.pdf 150.904KB



Recall Quarterly Report #2, 2021-1

RCLQRT-20V613-8877.PDF 211.258KB



Recall Acknowledgement

RCAK-20V613-2163.pdf 244.723KB



Remedy Instructions and TSB

RCRIT-20V613-6518.pdf 1353.328KB



Recall 573 Report- Amendment 1

RCLRPT-20V613-8907.PDF 214.546KB



Manufacturer Notices(to Dealers,etc)

RCMN-20V613-7235.pdf 134.962KB



Recall Quarterly Report #4, 2021-3

RCLQRT-20V613-0689.PDF 211.448KB



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